Exciting New Tools For Designers in 2022

Exciting New Tools For Designers in 2022
Exciting New Tools For Designers in 2022

Exciting New Tools For Designers in 2022. The development theme runs across this month’s assortment of new tools and resources. Almost every tool on this list makes development a little easier, faster, or just plain enjoyable. A couple excellent tutorials are included in the mix to help you get into the spirit of trying new ideas and techniques.
Here’s what’s new in the world of design this month…

Tools For Designers – Cryptofonts

Cryptofonts is a massive open-source library of cryptocurrency icons. The collection contains over 1,500 CSS and SVG elements. All scalable vector icons are included with Cryptofonts, and you can change their size, color, shadow, and almost anything else. There is no JavaScript and they work with Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma, and Invision Studio.

Colors that are reasonable

Reasonable Colors is an open-source color system for creating color palettes that are both accessible and appealing. A color chart is used to create the colors. Each color has six different hues. The contrast between any two shades can be determined by the difference in their shade numbers. To assist you in creating an accessible palette, the discrepancies correlate to WCAG contrast ratios. If you work on projects where color contrast and accessibility are important, this is a great project and a useful tool (which is all of them).


Chalk.ist is a fun tool for making code snippets look great. Add your code (there’s a huge language selection), customize the colors and backgrounds, and save it as a shared image. Your code has never been so appealing!


WeekToDo is a free weekly planner with a minimalist design. Improve your productivity by quickly and intuitively defining and controlling your week and life. Furthermore, this utility is concerned with the privacy of data kept on your computer (in your web browser or the application). You are the only one who has access to it.


Bio.Connection is a platform that stores all of your links, including social media, blog entries, and any other type of link you want to share. It’s free to use, has 15 design themes, visitor statistics, and loads quickly.


Spacers are a collection of three-dimensional space characters that can be used in various projects. Play with characters in a variety of positions and extremely high-definition formats.


11ty is a static website generator that is extremely easy to use. Try it out on a tiny project and read the docs to learn everything there is to know about it.


Scrollex is a react package that allows you to create attractive scrolling experiences with very little code. You can make scroll animations in whatever direction you desire – vertical, horizontal, or almost anything else. If you want to learn how it works, the documentation is entertaining and straightforward.


GetCam is a smartphone program that turns your phone into a computer webcam. It may be used with any iPhone and a Mac or PC. Most video conferencing and streaming tools, as well as browser-based apps, are compatible.

Tools For Designers – Flatfile

Flatfile is a data onboarding technology that easily decodes jumbled data from consumers and puts it into the format you need. You won’t have to deal with any more jumbled spreadsheets or create a new tool.


Loaders is a free loader and spinner collection for web projects. They’re made of HTML, CSS, and SVG, and they’re compatible with React and copypasta.

Tools For Designers – Lexical

Lexical is a JavaScript web text-editor framework that prioritizes dependability, accessibility, and efficiency. It’s designed for developers, so you can confidently prototype and build features. Lexical lets developers to create unique text editing experiences that scale in size and functionality thanks to its highly extendable design.

With the Modern img Element, you can create picture-perfect images.

This lesson will explain why the img element is so useful in your programming arsenal. According to the most comprehensive contentful paint metric, images form part of the most significant content on over 70% of sites on both mobile and desktop. This article will show you how to optimize and improve basic web vitals at the same time.

Creating a CSS-Aspect-Ratio-Grid Combination

The title effect can be created in two ways using the Combined CSS-Aspect-Ratio-Grid. You can set the row’s aspect ratio or utilize Flexbox with some flex grow magic. Discover how to do it both ways.

QIndR is a QR code generator designed specifically for events and appointments. The form is intended to gather your event details so that you can quickly create and use a QR code for listings, as well as allow visitors to add it to their calendars! It’s extremely quick and simple to use.

Text Repetition Animation While Scrolling

The On-Scroll Text Repetition Animation tutorial demonstrates how to make an on-scroll animation that shows repeated chunks of a large text element. This is a simple and enjoyable lesson that you can begin using right away.

Tools For Designers – Eight Different Colors

Eight Colors will not increase your productivity, but it is a delightful game that you may find difficult to put down. It’s a block-shifting game in which you must move circular blocks to achieve the set target.

Vintage Inspiration Tools For Designers

Creative Vintage is a typeface family that includes a thin script and a vintage slab serif (with rough and smooth styles). The pair can be utilized together or separately for a variety of applications.


Hardbop is a quirky retro typeface with a lot of character. The family features seven full-style character sets, making it ideal for display.

Tools For Designers – Kocha

Kocha is a playful ligature-style typeface that’s ideal for logos and packaging. It covers both polished and unpolished variants.

Tools For Designers – Magnify

Magnify is a huge font family that includes 16 styles and a variety of amusing variants. You can use it plain or combine it with more quirky styles to create less typical character shapes.


With a triple outline design, Stacker is a playful and futuristic typeface. When you truly want to create an impression, put it on show.

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