The World Without Borders: Why do we have borders between countries?

The World Without Borders

The World Without Borders: So why do we have borders between countries? What purpose do they serve? Border controls have been in place as long as nations have existed, and there’s even mention of border controls in the Bible! 

In an increasingly interconnected world, this raises the question of whether borders should still exist at all, and if so, what their purpose should be in the 21st century.

What Is a Border Anyway?

A border is an imaginary line that separates one place from another. Borders usually get drawn on maps, but they can also be real lines that are painted on sidewalks or made with tape. 

They can even be security guards or guard dogs checking for documents and keeping people out if they don’t meet certain requirements. But why do we need borders at all? 

What purpose do they serve? 

Do you think it would be better to live in a world without any borders at all?

How Humans Became a Nomadic Species

Humans are nomadic by nature. From our hunter-gatherer days to modern civilization, many of us move around quite a bit. We find ourselves in a new city or state for school, jobs, and for love. 

These relocations are often exciting but can present challenges as well especially when it comes to finding a place to live. There’s more to apartment hunting than simply looking at pictures online; you need to know what questions to ask before signing a lease. 

To help you navigate your next apartment search, here are some tips from people who’ve been there before.

Do Humans Need Borders to Thrive?

The world today is marked by a great number of divisions — political, religious, and economic. Many of these differences can be attributed to something called borders lines on a map that separate one group from another. 

It is perhaps most obvious when looking at a map, but many people forget that such borders also exist in our minds. We tend to think about ourselves as being part of a certain group and all others as outsiders; it’s easy for us to imagine that those who don’t look like us or share our values are somehow less human than ourselves. 

This way of thinking has always been present in human history, but it seems especially prominent today. A recent example would be Donald Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign speech last year. He said They’re bringing drugs.

Migration is Normal and Essential for Human Society

Migration is one of humanity’s most essential activities. In a world without physical barriers to movement, people would migrate at will and migration will always take place when people can move freely across international borders. 

There are more migrants in today’s world than ever before, and yet cross-border migration represents only a fraction of global mobility. As with all forms of human activity, migration is beneficial for both individuals and society as a whole. 

We need to recognize that our current system of nation-states does not reflect reality, but rather outdated assumptions about human nature. The best way forward for humanity requires us to reconsider our fundamental beliefs about what it means to be human, how we should live together on Earth, and what our responsibilities are toward each other as members of a single species.

Wealthy Countries Are Not Telling the Truth About Refugees

Wealthy countries pretend they cannot afford to take in refugees, and that refugees are only coming because they want a better life. This is simply not true. 

There are so many ways to ensure a better life while staying home. Countries need to put as much energy into helping people at home as they do create barriers around their own borders. 

The world will be better off with open borders and compassion. In order for us to achieve our goals of living sustainably on the earth, we must accept our responsibility for taking care of those less fortunate than ourselves. 

All human beings deserve access to basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter; wealthy nations can provide these things to refugees by providing financial support for sustainable development projects in poor nations.

 If refugee crises continue, wealthy nations should be willing to offer safe havens for displaced people who can no longer stay where they are.

Nations Are Overrated

We think they hold us back. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on armed forces to enforce their boundaries, and our politicians lobby hard to maintain them. And yet they’re just lines on a map lines which most people can barely even agree upon where they should be drawn in the first place. 

As Europe continues to integrate, with free movement and trade being legislated across much of mainland Europe, why shouldn’t other countries follow suit? What would happen if there were no borders at all? 

What would it mean for you, your country, and your world? Would you feel more or less safe without border controls? More or less isolated from others around you? 

Could you travel freely wherever you wanted to go without having to worry about visas or permits or getting turned away at customs due to an inability to prove that you’ve got sufficient funds for your trip?

Utopia Doesn’t Exist — But We Can Get Closer Than Ever Before

As human beings, we like to think that our society is far ahead of all others. We like to believe that as a species, we’ve evolved beyond petty squabbles and blood feuds. 

We love to believe that nations are cooperating together in order to solve problems affecting humanity, both natural and man-made. But alas, I must be cruel and break it to you paradise isn’t a place on Earth; but it could be. The world without borders is closer than ever before, with more opportunities for cooperation than ever before. 

There has never been a better time to build bridges rather than walls.

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