‘This Week’ Transcript 9-11-22: U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Jane Hartley

A rush transcript of “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” airing on Sunday, September 11, 2022 on ABC News is below. This copy may not be in its final form, may be updated and may contain minor transcription errors. For previous show transcripts, visit the “This Week” transcript archive.

MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC “THIS WEEK” ANCHOR: We are joined now in London by the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom, Jane Hartley.

It is good to see you this morning, Madam Ambassador.


RADDATZ: Britain, of course, our closely ally. We’ve had prime ministers come and go, but the queen was really the stability. President Biden calling it up matched dignity and constancy.

How significant do you see this loss?

HARTLEY: Oh, I see it as very, very significant. When it was announced on the television, I happened to be at Winfield House, which is home of the U.S. ambassador. And my staff and my team were there, both Americans and U.K., everybody immediately burst into tears.

She truly was a part of everybody’s life. Everybody talked about where they had met her, where they had seen her. You know, she was very much out in the community. And children, grandchildren, parents, she was loved, and it was — 70 years, 70 years.

Her first prime minister was when — the first prime minister was Winston Churchill and the last, Liz Truss.

RADDATZ: And you’ve been here just since May, but you did have a chance to meet the queen?

HARTLEY: I did, and she was absolutely wonderful. It was actually — I presented credentials at Buckingham Palace to her. It was the hottest day in London history. A horse-drawn carriage was supposed to pick me up, but they called right before saying it was too hot for the horses. So she sent a car, her own car to get me, which was so gracious.

And in our audience — you know, she was very substantive. So, there was a lot of, obviously, policy discussed. But she really cared about, was I happy? Did I fit into London? Was I being welcomed?

I told her I brought my dog and that made her very happy.

RADDATZ: What policy did you discuss? What kinds of things did you discuss in terms of policy?

HARTLEY: Well, you never talk about an audience with the queen, but I will say is, you know, she was interested in foreign policy, of the issues. Obviously, the U.K. and U.S. are working so closely together, particularly on Ukraine.

She actually asked a lot of questions about our domestic politics and she was unbelievably informed and always gracious and warm.

RADDATZ: She was enormously popular, but the polls have shown Charles doesn’t quite have that capital. So how does he navigate this going forward?

HARTLEY: You know, I think that he is — he’s both a link to the past and a bridge to the future.

I think if you watched his speech, his inaugural speech is what we would call it, he touched everything perfectly. He touched his love for his mother, but also his love for his country, and his sense of duty to the country. And I think she instilled in that — him in that, and I think he, too, has been preparing for this role for many, many years, and he’s been out in the community.

So I think it will be interesting what he does, because I think he will be a bridge to the future.

RADDATZ: The queen’s death comes at a time of great uncertainty here in the United Kingdom, a brand new prime minister, after some upheaval. You’ve got inflation here. Do you have concerns about the U.K.?

HARTLEY: No. I have no concerns about the UK. Our special relationship is truly special. They’re our most important ally in the world, as we see, in particular what we’re doing on Ukraine together, and there’s a seamless sharing of information, our military, our security. There’s a huge amount of trust. We work really, really well together.

RADDATZ: The queen did not talk about politics certainly in public. Charles has been — King Charles has been more outspoken — actually, Prince Charles was more outspoken.

HARTLEY: Uh-huh.

RADDATZ: King Charles, not so – not so much yet. But what do you expect? Can he be more outspoken? Is that the future?

HARTLEY: On that question I don’t know. I mean I thought it was interesting in his speech that he said all of the charities that had been so committed to, he was obviously no longer going to do. So I think, at least initially, he will follow his mother’s example. But he does care deeply a lot — about a lot of these issues, especially young people, which I have the deepest respect for him for doing.

RADDATZ: And just quickly, you and I were talking briefly beforehand. What is the fascination with Americans about the royals? Is it just the soap opera of it all or is there something deeper?

HARTLEY: I think, obviously, there is a soap opera, but I think there’s more than that. I think it’s the dedication that the queen had to an institution and to a country. And she had that dedication for over – for 70 years. You just don’t see that, that much in politics these days. And I think Americans really respected it.

RADDATZ: They seem to. Thanks so much for joining us this morning.

HARTLEY: Martha, great to see you.

Source: ABC News

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