Jaromir Jagr, The Hockey legend’s Kia EV6 T-boned by a tram

Jaromir Jagr, It occurred in his native Czech Republic

Hockey legend Jaromir Jagr's Kia EV6 T-boned by tram
Hockey legend Jaromir Jagr’s Kia EV6 T-boned by tram

Jaromir Jagr retired from the NHL at the end of the 2017-2018 season after an illustrious career, but the 50-year-old continues to play hockey in his native Czech Republic. He rushed to Instagram on Wednesday morning to share the news of a car accident he experienced while driving his Kia EV6. He didn’t have enough time to clear a set of tram tracks before the tram came, and the high-speed shuttle slammed into the driver’s side door of his automobile. He shared a photo of the car’s broken door and burst airbags on social media.

According to Google Translate, his complete caption is:

“Greetings, fans and others. I’d just like to give you a quick rundown of what happened today when I got in an accident. It was my fault.

“I attempted to cross Plzeská from one way to the other. I double-checked the other side and arrived just in time. However, there was heavy traffic, and I didn’t have enough time to respond to the tram, which was speeding in the same direction as me. At the last moment, I noticed her half a meter in front of me. I felt that was the end for me.

“I’ve always believed that force majeure has a hold on me, and I’ve witnessed it again today.” Thank you, God!

“It also shocked me by saving my Kia, which, despite appearances, I was able to crawl out of without injury.” Most importantly, none of the tram passengers were injured. I’d like to put a stop to this tragic situation. And I appreciate everyone’s patience as well as their assistance to those who interfered on the scene.”

According to reports, local police conducted a breathalyzer test at the scene, which came up negative. Jagr “slightly hurt one of his hands and was observed limping while leaving an ambulance,” according to the New York Post, but he denied a ride to the hospital. Looking at the EV6’s door, Jagr’s agility in walking away and texting is outstanding. It’s also a tribute to modern vehicle safety; the Kia looks like the “after” photograph of the 2022 EV6 slammed into a rigid pole at 20 mph in Europe’s NCAP side pole test.

We’re relieved Jagr and his teammates are safe, and we hope this isn’t the start of a new annual pattern. Golfer Tiger Woods demonstrated the safety of the Genesis GV80 last year, and now hockey player Jaromir Jagr has put the EV6 to the test in a real-world mishap. Let’s hope no athlete completes the Hyundai Group trifecta in 2023 by driving a Hyundai.

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