iPhone Finally Switch to USB-C in 2023: Here’s Why

iPhone Finally Switch

iPhone Finally Switch. Despite the fact that iPads, Macs, and nearly every piece of high-end consumer tech not made by Apple has switched to USB-C, iPhones have remained loyal to Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector; the introduction of MagSafe wireless charging in the iPhone 12 fueled speculation that Apple would rather drop ports entirely than make an iPhone with USB-C. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo now claims that a USB-C iPhone is on the way, and that it may arrive as soon as next year.

According to Kuo, a USB-C iPhone will be released in the second half of 2023. According to Apple’s history, the iPhone 14 will be released this fall, which means that, if Kuo is correct, the iPhone 15 will finally dump Lightning in favor of the now-ubiquitous USB-C. This would benefit not only users — a switch to USB-C might result in faster charging and data transfer speeds — but also the companies that now supply Apple with USB-C components for its other devices, according to Kuo.

A transition to USB-C could alienate longtime iPhone users, but it could also lure in some shoppers who traditionally haven’t bought iPhones; having to get all new charging cables for a new phone isn’t an insignificant barrier to entry, especially when your old cables also work with your tablet, your laptop, your headphones, your e-reader, and your gaming accessories.

Kuo doesn’t go too much detail, thus the forecast may or may not come true. While the European Union has put pressure on Apple in recent months over its proprietary phone chargers, an EU spokeswoman stated that eliminating ports entirely would avoid proposed charging standardization laws. Only a year after the port’s debut, the first Android phones with USB-C began to appear in 2015.

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