MacBook Pro 2022 Review: The Best of Apple’s Latest Laptop

MacBook Pro 2022 Review: The Best of Apple’s Latest Laptop

MacBook Pro 2022 Review: The new 13-inch MacBook Pro 2022 is good in terms of design and features, even if it’s starting to look a little old. Even though the design has been around for a few years, it still looks very sleek and up-to-date.

The most important thing is that the build quality is unmatched, and the screen is great even though it doesn’t have an OLED or mini-LED panel. Sure, you could make the case that it should have thinner bezels, a lighter body, or more ports and an SD card reader, but those will have to wait until Apple decides to give it a full update.

So, yes, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is getting a new version with better specs. This isn’t all bad, though, because this isn’t just another update with better specs. It will have the M2 chip, which is the first chip in the second generation of M-series chips from Apple.

Apple says that M2 will perform much better than M1 while using about the same amount of power. Now, let’s find out what’s new with the M2 chip.

MacBook Pro 2022 Review: The Best of Apple’s Latest Laptop

Apple, as usual, doesn’t say much about what’s new with the M2 chip. What they said was:

  • It was made with a 5nm process from the second generation.
  • Over 20 billion transistors (25 percent more than M1)
  • Up to 100GB/s faster-unified memory subsystem.
  • Up to 24GB of memory can be used (up from 16GB)
  • 18% faster performance on multiple threads at the same level of power
  • With 10 GPU cores, graphics are 35% faster (up from 8)
  • Neural Engine Got Better (15.8 TOPS vs 11 TOPS)
  • Media engine that can encode and decode ProRes

Like the M1, there will be different versions of the M2. There is one version that has an 8-core GPU and another that has a 10-core GPU. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro will only come with 10-core GPUs, so buyers won’t have to worry about that.

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There will only be an 8-core GPU version of the new MacBook Air, which will also have 10-core GPU versions.

I talked to people who know a lot about the M2 chip, and they told me that M2 runs at slightly faster clock speeds (3.49GHz vs. 3.2GHz for M1) and can carry out more instructions per cycle than M1.

Because of these two main factors, M2 is much better than M1 in terms of performance.

MacBook Pro 2022 Review: The Best of Apple’s Latest Laptop

Not surprisingly, Apple compared its products to those from Intel’s current generation. M2 is said to have nearly twice the performance of the “latest 10-core PC laptop chip” at the same power level.

But if you look at the footnotes, you’ll see that the Core i7–1255U is the 10-core chip that Apple is talking about.

Apple also compared M2 to the “latest 12-core PC laptop chip” and said that M2 can do 90% of what the “latest 12-core PC laptop chip” can do while using only 25% of the power. This chip is a better comparison because it is the Core i7–1260P, which is used in a lot of ultraportable notebooks.

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If some of this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same thing we heard when Apple showed off M1. Like its predecessor, the new M2 chip is determined to give the best performance while using the least amount of power.

But as the old saying goes, “talk is cheap,” so follow because I will share benchmarks and performance in the next post:))

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